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Xbox 360 power source dead


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Yep my power supply light doesn't come on. Unplugged it , tried again, nothing. So I guess it died somehow. Funny, I can't recall ever having an issue with a power supply before.


To my surprise, there are multiple versions of the power supply, and stores like Gamestop and Target and Walmart sure don't carry any of them. I read something briefly that a fuse often goes out, but to fix requires soldering.


Are there any good alternative solutions that are well known, or do I have to order one from MS?

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I was going to suggest unplugging, as for some reason, some of these have smart sensors and will lock up if something fails, and will only fix by unplugging and replugging (I think the N64 did this to me before when one of my controllers broke :lol:)


Try pawnshops, especially with the 360, you may be able to ask about the parts bin and get a power supply from tem. I know the one around here has lots of extra parts for broken consoles.


I don't know why MS made multiple revisions of the PSU itself, it would seem to be important to keep accessable parts like that standardized. Imagine if each tiny revision of a console also needed a special controller, or memory, that would be some BS right there.


Oh well, maybe they figured, the box would die before the PSU anyways, and to be fair, most people will never have a problem with it one way or the other.

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Isn't there more than one version of the power supply? Do all 360 power supplies work on all 360's? I seem to remember that there are some model specific power supplies...but I might be totally making shit up :)


Yes, as I found out when Cafeman sent me a PM to my offer posted above:


"I did more checking - i have the 203 Watt version. there are later ones that are 175W or 150W - those won't work for me. Which do you have?"


I never knew there were different versions. My spare one was a 150W so I couldn't help him. :|

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