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Atari Flashback 2 (Hack) Switch Problem

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(I am going to try to describe what is going on as best I can)


About a week ago, I finally opened up my Atari Flashback 2, and tried out the hack (AKA... The Cartridge Modification). So far I have been able to get the cartridge connector all wired up to the FB2's circuit board.


However, my main problem is with the wiring of the switch. The idea is that the switch would allow me to switch between the built-in ROM games and the cartridge. I followed the "Atari Flashback 2.0 Rev C. Cartridge Mod Visual Cheat Sheet" which I found on Atariage.com.


On the version of the Atari Flashback 2 that I have, the circuit board says...


"--J3 (short = Game Cartridge)"

"--J9 (open = Game Cartridge)"


When I close the J9 switch, the built-in games menu comes up fine, however when I open J9 and close the J3, the screen becomes all gliched up, and makes strange noises. Before installing the switch I removed the "0 Ohm Resistor", from the J9.


The type of switch that I am using is a SPDT (3 way) switch, and it has 3 positions, 1 (on), 2 (off, which is being used as the common), 3 (on). According to the package it is a "Mini Center-Off Toggle Switch".


I have already...


1 - Made sure that the cartridge that I am using works, and is compatible with the FB2. (I am using an "Asteroids" Cartridge)


2 - Double checked all of the solder points (for possible bridging), and made sure that all the wires from the cartridge connector are soldered in the correct places.


3 – The switch is wired up correctly, according to the “FB2 Hack Cheat Sheet”


Does anyone out there know what I might be doing wrong??? And/or any suggestions?


As I have spent the last week banging my head against the wall, I am starting to get very frustrated and I am almost about to give up on this hack.

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~Please dis-regard my last post!~


I finally got the FB2 cartridge hack working today!


It turns out there where a few reasons why I was having issues...


1. The game cartridge that I was using (which I was certain was working) turned out to be a dead cartridge.


2. I got the top and bottom row of pins of the cartridge connector mixed up (so some of the points I soldered where incorrect in relation to the connector).


3. The switch itself was wired up correctly, but the switch turned out to be broken. I borrowed a switch off of one of those electricity science kits, as a temporary measure. (I will try to pick up a black sliding switch sometime later this week)


4. Lastly, I over looked the "Jumper to J24" on the back of the FB2 circuit board, which was right next to the small chart that indicates all of the points for the connector on the board.


Well, at least on the bright side I eventually got it working!

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