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making sounds /music for 7800


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For experimenting on the A8s there is RMT. There is an RMT player for POKEY enabled 7800s (search the 7800 programmer's forum) but its very old. There aren't any apps that you can run directly on the 7800. An updated RMT player is on my very long list of projects for the XM module.


thanks :)

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The 7800 uses the same sound processor as the 2600. There is an audio input on the cartridge connector which was used by a couple of cartridges which included a POKEY (from the 5200).


Attached is a set of samples for all of the "notes" which the TIA can create.


thanks :thumbsup:

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Considering the sound features and the addition of an SIO port that's going to be added to the 7800 with the upcoming XM expansion, I'm really hoping someone comes along to do a sort of MSSIA for the 7800. The SIO could be used to interface with a MIDI controller, and you can have keyboard and or mouse so...


...here's to hoping.

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The .ASM file exported by RMT is useful only for generating .xex (Atari XL) executables. It is currently useless for generating 7800 code. :(


There is always the old fashioned way of doing POKEY music: Using notes and durations, and indexed volume envelopes. This is how I am doing music for PacManPlus's Bentley bear game.


Some useful links:




http://www.atarimaga...ATARI_MUSIC.php ... for using POKEY's 16 bit mode on distortion #10.




Keep in mind, when programming POKEY on the ProSystem emulator, it maps POKEY at $4000, a different location than what is on the Atari XL.

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That may well happen when the XM is ready ... you'll basically have the TIA, POKEY, and Yamaha to play with.


Interesting question: If one soldered a POKEY onto a cart and played it in an XM system, would we have two POKEY's to play around with then? I've been messing around with 16-bit mode on POKEY, and with four doubled channels at 16-bit resolution, the music quality would quickly go into Nintendo-land.

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