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OT: Atari stuff and RPGs for sale


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I found the last of my Atari stuff today... Got a 2600 console and a 7800 console as well as a box full of games. I'm interested in getting rid of these but I don't want money--- I want a trade for something TI-related. I know this isn't programming-oriented, but I think I have a little room for OT subjects. icon_smile.gif. Here are the games I have. (if quantity>1, it is noted)


Defender (3)

Pac Man (2)


RealSports Football

Air Sea Battle

Air Sea Battle (alt label with full art)

Combat (2)

Star Trek SOS

Journey Escape

Donkey Kong (white cart)

Haunted House


Circus Atari

Ice Hockey

Cosmic Creeps

3-D Tic Tac Toe


Star Raiders

Asteroids (2)


Space Invaders


Ms PAC Man



Yar's Revenge

Video Pinball


Street Racer

Pole Position II (for the 7800)

Xevious (for the 7800)

One on one Basketball (for the 7800)



I'll take pix if necessary. This is the last of my once vast Atari collection... I kept these because they were my favorites. icon_smile.gif

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I have an 800XL console only that I picked up at a ham-fest a few years ago, but I don't have a single cartridge for it. Will the 7800 carts work in the 800XL?



No, unfortunately; they were very different systems.


To the OP: what kind of TI-related items are you looking for?

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Getting out of the video game collecting business... just posted a thread listing all these Atari games. I also included several valuable SNES RPGs and the like.




Not TI-related anymore, but since the thread exists, I thought I'd post it here in case any of you RPG fans wanted a Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Mystic Quest, Chrono Trigger, Wizardry V, Secret of Evermore, etc... The Atari games from the top of this thread are also on the list. I have the stuff individually listed by price, but I am also offering the entire lot with games, systems, etc. for $175. Not bad, considering the value of most of these RPGs. That's all... no more Off Topic stuff from me on this thread. =)

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Yea--- I've got it all in emulation. I hate to sell it... Truly. It took me a long time to collect and I am sad to see any of it go. However, a Chrono Trigger cartridge won't buy diapers and pay rent. January 2011 the tour picks back up again and we will be back in the money.... Funny thing about road work... Sometimes you have thousands of dollars in your pocket and sometimes you're flat ass broke. This is one of those times.


Not selling any TI gear though...actually just sold all that Atari gear about an hour ago.

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