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Classic 99 Suggestions.... Make this a thread? :)


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Okay, not trying to push my luck, here is my short-list:


1) RS-232 support

2) Ability to hide debug window, or a short-cut key to show charset without calling up Debug

3) Short-cut key to take a snapshot without going through the menu

3a) Take several snapshots sequentially (maybe incorporate #4) for that hard-to-get capture during action

4) Direct export to GIF (animated) and/or better quality video codec

5) Sound in video capture (I know, this one is on the list) :)

6) Ability to capture just sound


Only #1 actually adds to the functionality of Classic99, the rest are sundry niceties.

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Since I am now about to get the ProPlay gamepad out, I'l like to be able to use my usb game pad and map the buttons on it to joyst 2 for The TI. It's would make it better for anyone that wanted to design a game with the 4 button gamepad support.


specifically what the pad does is use both joysticks in one pad using joystick 2 return values for the extra buttons on the pad,

joyst1    on game pad
up     -- up
down   -- down
right  -- right
left   -- left
button -- A button
up     -- B button
right  -- C button
button -- Start button

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Thanks for the centralized list guys. I am sorry that it will be a little time before I can get to it, but this is a good list of requests and stuff that I'd be happy to do.


I borrowed a Delaurean to implement some of the requested key presses, though ;) From Classic99.txt:


Key Summary (Scroll Lock must be ON, and TI-99/4A with extended keyboard configured):

F1 - Run

F2 - Step into one instruction (if breakpointed)

F3 - Step over one instruction (if breakpointed) (if BL or BLWP, will run till it returns)

F5 - take incrementing screenshot, unfiltered. The first one will ask for a filename if needed

F6 - take incrementing screenshot, filtered. The first one will ask for a filename if needed

F9 - VDP character dump - shows the current character set instead of the picture (except in bitmap mode)

F10- Dump CPU and VDP to file

F11- Toggle System Maximum (Turbo) mode

F12- Trigger LOAD interrupt


CTRL+F5 - Set CPU normal

CTRL+F6 - Set CPU Overdrive

CTRL+F7 - Set System Maximum

CTRL+F8 - Set CPU slow

CTRL+F12 - Reset Emulator (reloads all ROMs)


Home- Bring up debugger window


Sound in video is in the current build but it does not work worth crap. I don't really understand the Windows video API yet, so I do a lot of guessing there. The only reason we got video was because I had already written the code for a commission of mine, so I just ported it over (it was permitted). ;) More codecs will be available after I rewrite the VDP, since the limitations today are caused by the internal 16-bit rendering - everything is 24 or 32 bit now.

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