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New game release - Quadrillion


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What level you up to?


Starting at 1, I managed to get up to 18. Had a bunch of lives stored but lost practically all on that level. I've found it's the hardest one.


I did a "special" version where you could reduce it to half-speed by holding the fire button. It was a bit kludge-o-matic, had a nasty flicker, plus I think making something too easy means you just finish it and don't bother playing much again.

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It takes a while to get used to the game mechanics.


No need to rush a level, the value counts down but there's no time limit or penalty, and points aren't relevant until you've mastered most levels and want to go for quick times.


Sometimes just a nudge to adjust position is enough, other times you need to maintain movement.


And of course not forgetting - you have no control over the vertical movement, other than making the ball bounce at an earlier or later time by hitting or avoiding stuff.

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