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Where do '99ers IRC?


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Surely somewhere. Right?


If not, can we figure out a place to start it off?


About me: My first computer was a TI-99/4A. I got it Christmas 1982. I was 10 years old. Here is a picture taken the day after Christmas, 1982:


my first computer, TI-99/4A


I have a current system -- not the same one -- and just ordered a CC-40. Want to do more messing w/ the TI.






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I've suggested making an IRC group, but I don't think anyone has. Most people hang out here on the forum and bump the "chat" thread if they want to chat in the A.A. chat room. If someone wants to start an IRC channel for the TI and run a bot, I'll drop in from time to time.


By the way, some interesting TI pictures you have. Also, I don't think you have a bad VDP (as you mentioned in the caption for one of the photos). I've actually never seen the VDP go bad. If the VDP chip failed, you would not have any video at all, and since the VDP provides the GROMCLK signal as well, which also drives the sound chip, if it was bad you would not hear any beep when you power on. The fact that you have a display would indicate one or more of the eight DRAM chips has failed. The DRAM chips make up the VRAM in the 99/4A.


I'm trying to get some failed systems to repair so I can start a sort of "bad for good" 99/4A swap program. If you still have the bad system and want to unload it, I'll take it.



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