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hulu for 360


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I've been watching Hulu and lots of other stuff (You Tube, CNN,ESPN etc...) using PlayOn




I think it was like a one time $30 fee.


I actually like that idea. I'd love to have hulu on my 360... I just might do that. :D


I have been looking for an easy to use program to do the streaming... TVersity is good, but the quality is only okish, and doesn't seem to work with everything.


If PlayOn can stream 720p MP4's onto my 360, its an instant buy for me.

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You have to pay to use Netflix too.


Yeah i already know this its like $9 - $10 a month but you also get a lot more movie wise with netflix then you do with hulu. I just use my computer to watch videos on hulu for free anyways if there is something i want to watch. why spend the extra money on something that you don't get much extra on vs the free version. I don't watch tv shows all that much any ways, I watch movies a lot more. Netflix is the clear winner when you want to watch movies. i will skip on hulu plus for the 360.

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The problem with this is the business model. There are still commercials in the shows and you can't skip them. This is atleast how they said they were going to be doing this. I'm not ok with that. If I pay to see something I pay to see it without commercials. Commercials are how you pay for something you want to see without actually paying for it, not something you should pay to see with what you are paying for. This is why I stopped going to the movies to watch shows. I'll just wait for the DVD. I get to the show and watch 20 min of Coke commercials and 10 new video games based on the movies. Who cares? Show me what I paid you to see!

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I get to the show and watch 20 min of Coke commercials and 10 new video games based on the movies.


Nah, From what I recall there are around 3 commercials throughout an entire 22 minute show. They last around 20 seconds each, and usually they are all the same commercial! It's considerably more tolerable than the usual 7 minutes of commercials.


Hulu is free. You can go to the site right now and watch away, that's why there are commercials.

Seems like what a person is paying for is the ability to watch on their big ol TV in the living room in HD.

I understand what you are saying which is you're paying to play Hulu on your 360 so you shouldn't have to watch the commercials, but I know folks that pay $69+ a month for cable or IP TV or satellite etc... to do just that. Paying a one time fee of $29.99 or even a monthly fee of $10 seems a bargain in comparison.


I just hope my PlayOn Hulu still works after this deal goes through.

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i read a rumor last week that ms was considering xbl platinum which would offer a la carte cable channels such as showtime.





That makes me think of this article


that puts me in mind of this http://tinyurl.com/2vcqw9r


it seems like just about every one is complaining about bandwidth


cable and other tv service providers are complaining about people watching the videos on the internet and ditching the TV providers in favor of it.


Internet providers and cell providers are complaining because people are using a lot more bandwidth/Data then before by watching more videos and doing more on the net then ever before, and the ISP says they cant keep up with demand.


Its coming to the point of being stupid.

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