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New TI-99 Austrian Club Foundation


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I am about to found a new TI-99 club for all Austrian people.

As far as I know there is no club at the moment.


It is meant for those who still like using TI-99 software or hardware, or just want to be up to date, talk about good old times.

I am planning lots of activities like regulary meetings, private forum, information exchange, p.d. software exchange, hardware fixing and enhancements, trades, regulary chat, website.

Club internal stuff will be only accessable for club members, all the other stuff, will be open to anybody.

Membership is planned to be free of costs.


The club needs a name! So I welcome any suggestions.


I will present the new club at the 2nd retro fair for classic games, which will be hosted this saturday in vienna.


The guys are so kind and will organize me a table to put on my TI-99 with a nanoPEB and a television set.

A flyer about the club will be at the entrance.


My hope is to find a few interested persons there.


The club needs members! So please contact me via private message.




Update from January 8th 2011:

Suggested name is: DANUBIA 99ers TI- and GENEVE User Group Austria

(former name of the Vienna User Group)


First meeting

12th of January 2011



Details: PDF (German), PDF (English)


BR, Klaus


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GREAT pix!!! That's awesome, man. Good job. Were you the only TI-99 demonstrator there?





Just re-read your blog... you WERE the only demonstrator for the TI.


That's great that you brought the TI to some people who've never seen it before. =) That must have been cool, I wish I could have been there.

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People were interested in stuff like the CF7+ nanoPEB, matthew's F18A project with VGA out!

I even told about ongoing programming contests and previewed our BoCC beta game to a couple.


There were users who knew the internals (VDP etc) quite well, although never owning a TI.

The old computer magazines must have covered this stuff really well.


We had several people who wanted to buy our console, or asked for cartridges.

There was a retro seller who thinks to have 4 TI consoles in his storage, but he wasn't sure and had none with him at the fair.


The hot topics were really Nintendo, Sega, PSP, XBOX stuff. From the old times the Atari was best avaiable.

Some Commodore and Atari computer stuff was avaiable, but not really much.


Thanks for the feebdback, I appreciate this!

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Very cool and good luck with the Club!


In Germany Birkenau (not that far from Heidelberg / Mannheim) there's a "Regionales TI Treffen" once a year.

Couldn't make it this year, but have been there twice before. You can see some crazy expanded TI-99/4A

systems there. I definetely want to go next year. Normally it should take place in May 2011.


Check out Errorfree's website for pictures of previous events.

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