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Retro-Bit Portable Genesis

littleman jack

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Today I saw a new Portable Handheld Sega Genesis clone made by Retro-Bit at a nearby shop. It is not the 3 button model of 2009, but a new 6 button model with a silver directional pad. It has built in games, and accepts Sega Genesis carts through the top, above the screen.


Does anyone here have experience with these? Do they work well? Is the screen nice? Does the d-pad work well?


Thanks for any replies.

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Yeah.. To the OP.. it's not very good. The d-pad is poor, the angle of the buttons is awkward, the sound is pretty bad. There are probably better options available elsewhere if you're looking for a portable Genesis. By the way, I can deal with the awkward button layout and the poor sound emulation. The d-pad really is terrible though and ruins it completely.

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If you don't care about using actual carts you can check out the Gopher which uses an SD card. Check out MN12BIRD's latest review:


And thanks for that link as well. It looks good. I'd love to play my original carts though. I guess an original Nomad is the best bet.

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Does this gopher use Genesis carts? Doesn't look like it, and my modded PSP emulates more then one system. The cart support is what makes the GenMobile cool with me. Not as good as a real Genesis, but still workable.


No it doesn't. If you watch the review he actually compares the Gopher to the GenMobile.

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