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Need Pics for TI-Highlight Videos


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I would like to do a few TI Highlight Videos with captured scenes from famous ti games & programs.

I want to integrate real pictures into the video clips as well, pics with features like panning, sliding, zooming, fading.


Opry99er helps me with technical settings in order to get captures of any TI-software from the classic99 emulator.


I would need pics of the TI-99 console, peripherals, cartridges manuals, hardware manuals, German magazine Covers...

(I have the TI99-Journal covers already)


The purpose of this is to gain attention from youtube viewers who enter "ti-99" as keyword and have no idea that there are still user groups about the famous home computer. And thanks to emulators you can enjoy all ti-software, even if you no longer have your ti-hardware. And that there is ebay with the option to buy a ti-console for your 21th century home.


So please send me all pics that I am allowed to use in those videos.


Many thanks, Klaus

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Here's a few pix I had on my desktop... You can use these. =)



As far as effects or "panning", yout video editor should allow you to add that effect when you place a picture in the video sequence.



Some of these pics came off my site, some came from me taking screenshots, some came from Walid's site... I don't think anyone will mind you using these. =)





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This might look cool in a video, I don't know... It's sometimes99er's Brick scroll in XB with a hero "walking" in front of it. Shameless plug for my game, I know... but it looks so cool, and I forgot to use it in my videos.









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