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CTetris4f (Final) & CTetris4g (Post-Final) Released


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A new CTetris release is coming soon...


Updates & Improvements:


1) "CTetris4G-R2" has a new name. It will now be called "ACTris 1.2" - Tetris in Atari Action!

> Implemented suggestion by Kjmann to choose a new name that sounds less technical.

> Most of the 'tris name variations considered have already been taken when searched on Google.

> "ACTris" is still unique AFAIK.


2) Bonuses for completing the Atari Fuji logo.

> Implemented suggestion by therealbountybob to remove some remaining lines when the Fuji logo is completed.


> Game play details:

-> The last four segments to complete the Fuji logo must be an exact match.


(For example, if there are three remaining segments in the Fuji logo, then

you must connect exactly three lines at one time to complete the logo.)


-> The number of incomplete lines to be removed equal (up to) the number of lines connected.


(For example, if three lines were connected to complete the Fuji logo, then

up to three incomplete lines will be removed. Bonus lines removal will end as soon as

no incomplete lines are left to be removed.)


> Scoring of bonuses:

-> One incomplete line removed {100 pts}

-> Two incomplete line removed {100+150 = 250 pts}

-> Three incomplete line removed {100+150+200 = 450 pts}

-> Four incomplete line removed {100+150+200+250 = 700 pts!}


> A "chirp" sound will alert the player of the final Fuji logo completion stage.


> "U Can't Touch This" tune will play to celebrate the Fuji logo completion.

(Note: This tune will no longer be played for four connected lines as before)


3) Improved game scoring strategy.

> As the game level increases and the objects are dropping faster,

the scoring opportunities will decrease since each 'drop' subtracts one point from

the maximum possible number of points. And, the game play gradually shifts from high

scoring strategy toward purely survival mode.


> To offset this decline in scoring and to improve the high scoring strategy, a new scoring opportunity is added.

-> Once the Fuji logo is completed, the player will also earn bonus points for every connected liness.


(For example, the maximum points for an object is 38 points at level 7. Let's say that the object had

dropped 3 times and then connected 2 lines.


Old Scoring: 38-3 = 35 points received,


New Scoring: Bonus = 35*2 = 70 Bonus Points,

35+70 = 105 Total points received!)


-> For three and four connected lines, the bonus points remained the same as before:


Three Lines - 50+50+50 = 150 Bonus Points

Four Lines - 50+50+50+100 = 250 Bonus Points


> A "chime" sound will be played when bonus points are added.


4) Improved random object generator

> Up to two consecutive identical random objects are allowed.

(Note: No repeat random objects were allowed in previous versions.)

> This improvement makes for a more interesting game play.


5) Added "Warble" sound to the Rainbow (pause) screen

> I remembered that I was amazed when I saw the Atari Rainbow for the first time.

And, one of the first really cool sound effects that I learned how to program in Atari BASIC

was the "Warble" sound that was used in Tom Hudson's "Fill'er Up" program.

> I recreated my fond memories of these sound & graphics effects here as a tribute to the great

Atari computers that we "Atarians" love through all these years.


See you soon,


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