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When is NWCGE 2k3


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As Rick stated, we are working the details right now.


We are trying to coordinte the Atari Championship to coincide on the same weekend. Having 2 events within a couple weeks of each other makes it hard for those coming out state.


It may or may not happen that way, but we are trying like heck....


I'll get the NWCGE website up and going again. I'm not sure why it is down.


BTW: YOu can join the NWCGE mail/discussion list to participate or lurk in on the latest NW Gaming news. Check the website (when it is up) for details.


Please be patient,


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9 or 10pm? :o :o


it starts closing down around 5-6pm

by the time we get everything packed up and get the place looking back to the way it was before we showed up takes time! if we stayed open till 10pm Lee would be getting home real late and Lee needs his beauty sleep! hehe.. J/K Lee!! :D


but i think it would depend on if we got a LOT of people coming in aound 4-5pm we would keep it open but all of the meets so far tend to slow down by 4pm. and some of the sellers start leaving then... we really have NO "set" time for closing..


we might be having this meet in seattle not kirkland WA. this year! so that might bring more people in later in the afternoon.. will we see... hope to see you there!!


Take care,



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update: NWCGE meet will be on saturday March 15th in kirkland WA. at the church it was at last year and the year before and the year before that...ect :D


also there will an atari championship on sunday march 16th in downtown seattle..


i will yet Lee chime in with all the exact details!


Hope to see you there!! (you too Jason, don't make me come and get you! i will, you know!!) :P :P :)


take care,



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Re: 6th annual Atari Championship in downtown Seattle on March 16th


Can you tell what this is about as if I stay for it I'll plan on getting a room for the night. I don't recall this event being mentioned last year.



oops... i see Lee forgot to put the simi next to annual!!


Nope, we did not have the atari championship last year! not sure exactly how they are doing it this year. it's not exactly an all NWCGE event.


2 years ago we had 3 or 4 rounds each round would knock out people till the final round... hopefully Lee can give all the exact details



Take Care,



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I will try to attend, and may bring along a couple other people as well. If I can do anything from this end to assist with the event let me know.  Perhaps notice of the event should be posted in the 2600 forum for maximum exposure.


i thought about posting in the 2600 forum once we get the atari championship details nailed down...


BTW: last year we had 3 vectrex w/controller sell! 1 for 50.00 and 2 for 30.00 each :o


and i just (insert maxwell smart's voice here) "missed it by that much!" to getting one! :D


Take Care,



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