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"Mystery Mania"


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Mystery Mania


You're the city's greatest homicide detective. Can you solve the case?


This is a nice program that creates murder-mystery logic problems for you to solve. You have a choice of 32,001 different situations. As well, there are five difficulty levels and each one generates a slighly different game for the chosen game number. You can try and solve it all through what you see on the screen and rely on your memory, get a printout and figure it out then (certainly recommended...but, I don't know how this can be done through an emulator), and also ask for a hint. You can keep asking for hints and, eventually, the solution would be revealed.


The clues/hints are in the form of, for example, "Fred Craig weighs 210 pounds." or "The suspect who was carrying a white umbrella is not the one who has brown hair." Using the information, you can try and deduce who the killer is. Each hint eliminates one suspect and explains why. There is no hint option on level one.


This is my version of an original program (only for the at-the-time IBM PC/PCjr & compatibles) from the December 1987 issue of "Compute!". I modified it around that time for the TI, adding statements, formatting things as I wanted, and changing commands as needed to still keep the printout option.


I was just 13 at the time and I felt good about my conversion even though it was all a text-based program. I see that I knew of using DISPLAY ERASE ALL as a different way to clear the screen (which apparently saves a couple bytes instead of CALL CLEAR); the CALL LOAD to disable the sprites in Extended BASIC to get a teenie speedup; and I understood commands to use a printer and of subprograms. Looking over the listing, I think it's funny to see that I changed the listing and used first and last names of some of the suspects to folks I knew at the time. Even my first name is in there! I forgot all about that and it gave me a chuckle on 1.23.2011.


With the same ol' magazine back in hand, I found and fixed a couple of minor

mistakes...almost 25 years later! (-:


It all seems to work fine, but I don't know about the printing function. Nevertheless, even if something is still wrong, I wanted to give it to the TI community.


- Brian


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