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Car Wars


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How far do you get in Car Wars?


I got to the 6th track (Level) last weekend. :)


The 5th track features 3 enemy cars trying to force you into a crash.

The 6th track starts really similar like the 5th with 3 enemy cars, only that the lowest car starts at another position.


Did anyone reach a higher level than this?

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Levels ? :ponder:


This game never really attracted me much. It looks cool, and the car crash explosion is a TI classic.


This and TI Invaders was released November 1981, and with their attract modes were seen on display and in windows of many different stores (at least in Denmark). Much later the Parsec explosion and speech would blow people away.


When it comes to playability I rate TI Invaders very high, Parsec is okay, and finally Car Wars is absolutely boring. Yes, I had it back in the day. Never played it for more than 5 minutes, but maybe I should try and really better myself there. Maybe it could become catchy.



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I would love for someone to make a longplay video of all the levels getting passed. As a kid, I never got past the first screen. To me, it was a throwaway game that lost its appeal after about 5 minutes. A friend was able to get past the first one, but the closer you get to the center, yeah it gets frustrating.

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I loved this game as a kid and still love it today. Haven't played it seriously for eons, but I remember getting up to the 5th level before getting my ass handed to me back in the day. It's definitely one of those "in the zone" type games. Might be fun to revisit this classic now and see how many I can beat :)

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I personally never got much past level 3 :( But then, I was always more into "thinking" games than pure arcades, especially because the personal computer versions were most of the time so inferior to the true arcade ones, and back in the early 80's I had a very limited amount of money to spend on TI games, so I opted for Video Chess and Adventure :D I kid you not though, these were the only 2 pieces of commercial software I ever owned for the TI back in the early 80's, with anything else either programmed by myself or typed in form Compute!... It's not until I got back on the TI scene in the mid-90's that I got to discover what else was available for the TI, eventually prompting me to create the TI Gameshelf site :)

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Well, I might have had one game one day or the next. Today I had like 5 goes. The last one got me past level 1. Whau !


So level 2 has the enemy car starting somewhere else. How rude !


Then level 3 had 2 enemy cars. Mama !? Got around to having them riding in almost the same spot. Almost cleared level 3 - one outer lane left - in which I crashed. Final score 11,460. - I must say I enjoy the game a bit more now !



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One go today. Okay, level 1 is easy now. Stupid mistake at level 2. Score 10,010 at level 3. And still a wonderful explosion.


I think the game, like so many of the past, would have benefited from an option for the levels not to reset, when you crash. On the other hand, although frustrating, it was a good feeling finally breaking a level. With this type of game, Car Wars, later levels are graphically much the same, so the reward is forgettable.



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Significantly lower speed? That's interesting... I think I read somewhere that Car Wars was programmed in GPL, and all sprite positions are updated manually (without using auto-motion). I guess with 3 enemy cars, the game has to get slower because the TI wouldn't be able to keep up with the higher speed anymore...


Makes sense, since if you hold QUIT during the game the cars come to a stop. But if you hold QUIT after a collision the parts keep flying around the screen.

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