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7800 HSC Game Poll Round 11



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    • Desert Falcon
    • Planet Smashers
    • Kung Fu Master
    • Failsafe
    • Super Huey (Arcade Mode)
    • Food Fight

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I think this might be the first time Super Huey has been on an 7800 HSC game poll.

I can finish flight school and reality mode with my eyes closed, but the arcade mode gets pretty tedious. I voted for Kung Fu Master, because I need to have an excuse to play the other good martial arts game on the system now.

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I voted for Planet Smashers, as I finished the game some years ago and remember the ending sequence having pixel errors. Just want to check if those are still there ;)


Super Huey would have been my 2nd choice as I didn't play that for a long time... I don't know why this is treaten as one of the worst 7800 games...


Desert Falcon, Failsafe and Kung Fu Master are currently not part of my library and I don't want to use an emulator :(

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