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Odyssey^2 Fun Time


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Love your page!! Having fun with my O2!! It's the system I had as a kid, and loved it. Great Joysticks!!!!!


Just one thing.. On your page, you say: "An original detachable-joystick Odyssey2 console (later models had the joysticks hardwired to the machine)."


I seem to recall it was the other way around. The detachable joysticks were added to the later models. The original O2 had attached joysticks... Later models were detachable..


When we had ours at home, it was attached, but I can't remember when we got ours... (Well, it was attached until it died and I took it off to hook it up to my Vic-20, which I got next.. :-)




Good news is that NOW I have a voice module!!! Bad news, no Voice games yet.. :-(

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Hi desiv,


May have to double check with William Cassidy, but I'm pretty sure the detachable joysticks were with earlier models. The earlier machines had silver joysticks with a square "well" for the joystick, while the later model joysticks were black with a star-shaped "well" that somewhat limited the joystick's movement, and a bright red action button. Check out the system pics between the 1979 and 1982 catalogs on the page, you'll see. :)

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Hard to tell..

I've found this: http://www.geocities.com/~compcloset/Magna...voxOdyssey2.htm

and this:



But nothing definitive...


I checked my O2, looking for a date.. Nothing on the case, but I see guides where the joystick would plug in, if they were cut out...


So, either they were planning on making them plug-ins, and decided not to. Cost. And then did it later after people asked for it...


Or, they had plug ins, and removed them to save money.


Is there a date in the case somewhere I can check? Revision?? I'll open my case tomorrow and check...


Honestly, my gut tells me our family got the O2 pretty early in the run...



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I have an O2 that I can't get to work. Someone from work gave it to me with a bunch of games. In fact I had emailed Earl from the link on his brillant O2 page last year hoping he had some ideas on why it was dead. I have cleaned that thing, opened it up and changed the RF cable (the original was that mutant tipped Magnovox), checked connections, etc. Black screen on start up, nothing else. Sigh....


I have a bunch of carts in boxes with instructions although the boxes don't hold up well over time, they seem to constantly want to unfold. I have the Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt completely unused and brand new. It wasn't shrinkwrapped, but the person who gave it to me said they never even plugged in the cart. The pieces are still sealed in plastic!


EDIT: after rereading this I realized I emailed William from the link on his page not Earl. Sorry for failing memory :)

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(the original was that mutant tipped Magnovox)


What's the deal with that anyway? My friend's O2 had that, and we had to open it up and put a new cord in... meanwhile, mine had a "normal" RF cord.


To make things worse, mine with the normal RF cord has the non-detachable joysticks... so is this a lose-lose situation when buying an O2? (Personally, I actually don't mind the built-in joysticks, since they are actually decent controllers... but it would be nice to have an option)



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You can detach them!!


You just have to open the case.. :-) But they're not soldered to the board or anything.. Just a connection inside...


Would be pretty easy to make a new connector that plugs onto the board, comes thru the case (Flat cable), and then gets attached to a 9-pin for external sticks..


Question would be, do you wire the 9pin for Odyssey 2 externals or do you wire it for Atari compatible joysticks?


A switch to allow both would be great...


Personally, I have spare O2 (hardwired) sticks that I can use to replace mine if something happens. (Already did, one came without the plastic top on the stick, but it's still good if one of my other ones break.. :-)



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A few years ago I got hold of two Wico bat-style joysticks for the O2. Not sure how rare those are (even Will Cassidy hadn't run into any of them), but they work a treat. That said, I do like the original (silver detachable) O2 joystick design a LOT - much more than the 2600 sticks, in fact.

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I went to Will's page, and although I didn't see any specific dates on O2 Joysticks, I found this chart:


BA7600 GY02 Hardwired (black) NES compatible Standard Smooth Flat

BB7600 GY02 Hardwired (black) NES compatible Standard Smooth Flat

BC7600 GY02 Hardwired (black) NES compatible Standard Rough Raised

BC7600 GT02 Hardwired (black) NES compatible Standard Rough Flat

BJ7600 GY02 Detachable (black) Not NES compatible Nonstandard Smooth Flat

BK7600 GY02 Detachable (silver) NES compatible Nonstandard Smooth Flat

BK7600 GY02 Hardwired (black) NES compatible Standard Unknown Flat

CC7600 GY02 (Canadian?) Hardwired (black) NES compatible Standard Rough Raised

Unknown* Command Center-style Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown



Now, IF the model numbers increase (BA -> BB -> BC, etc), then we'd assume they are in order, and the BA7600 is the first. It had the Black Hardwired joysticks..


I have to get home and open my O2 to find the Model number...



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Nope, the controllers use completely different pinouts, hence the custom controllers. I think a trakball was also made for the O2 by Wico, even though there's absolutely no game out there to support it. I mean, it might be neat for Killer Bees, but you'd lose a lot of lateral control.

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  • 12 years later...

Both of the KC Munchkin games, UFO, Monkeyshines, Killer Bees, Turtles, Pick Axe Pete, Freedom Fighters are all good games. Most of the sports games are dated and show their age, although I like the very mellow Golf game.


There are getting to be quite a few homebrews in the last few years. I like Planet Lander, KTAA, and Death Race. You can also get a multicart from Packrat Games:


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