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Halo Legends


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My son came over last night and after grilling some burgers and playing a few games, he pop'd Halo Legends into the player. To be honest, I wasn't very excited at the prospect of watching it as it just wasn't something that appealed to me. But I was very, very surprised at how good the stories were and how much I enjoyed watching the entire movie.


I really enjoyed Origins 1 & 2 as they filled in a lot of background that I wasn't aware of, including the history of the Forerunners. I cringed when I first started watching the artwork on The Duel but as the story unfolded, I quickly began enjoying the "watercolor" style. In fact, Odd Man Out was the only chapter I didn't really care for, and that was because I didn't like the "comedy" storyline.


Overall, I highly enjoyed Halo Legends and was very pleasantly surprised at how good it was.


Anyone else watch it?




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I watched this with my son a few months ago. We both enjoyed it.

I really liked the last story, the one done in GC. I wonder if that's

what Halo 4 is gonna look like on the Xbox 720! :love: :D

I got the 2 disc special edition at barns&noble for $18. good deal.


I'll watch it again, i liked the odd man out story.. but my son rolled he's

eye's when he saw it.... so I'm thinking he didn't care for it.


Just give us a real Halo movie!!!!



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I watched it yesterday and thought it was actually well done. Though I didn't care for the artwork of the duel either I also thought the story of the duel was a little to Japanese for me. Between that artwork and story I thought I was watching some shogun movie. But overall it was quite good...

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