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Atari 2600 joysticks used on Odyssey2


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I finally got the OEM Atari 2600 RF cable and plugged it into the Odyssey 2.

Very nice display and the joysticks are AWESOME! I didn't know the Odyssey 2 had such high quality joysticks! They remind me of the joysticks the Apple IIe used in the early '80's.


Anyway, after playing a few games of UFO!, K.C. Munchkin, and Freedom Fighter, I lost track of time (and my mind) and shut the system off and packed it up without trying out an Atari joystick! :?


I'll try out the joystick during the week and see what happens.


Overall, i'm impressed with the Odyssey 2 system. Small library but its got a group of great games like all other systems.


...and you guys are awesome as always too! ;)



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Hey does anyone know what the wiring order is inside the Atari Joystick to work on the Odyssey?


I got the type of Odyssey2 where they have the 9 pin connectors in the back.


Thanks in advance!

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Has been mentioned before in this thread, if you looked good and clicked the link, but here it is


Atari /Odyssey2

Extension /Joystick

Cable /Cable /Function

------------- ----------- --------------

Brown /Red /Up

Yellow /Orange /Right

Red /Yellow /Down

Orange /Green /Left

Blue White/Action /Button

White /Black /Ground

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