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OVGE 2011 Announcement !


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The date for the 8th annual OVGE has been set!


Date: June 18th, 2011

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Place: Spirit Bank Event Center - South Ballroom


Admission: $5 for everyone ages 8 and up.


Contact me ASAP to reserve space for this year's event! Several are already reserved by exhibitors and space will fill up fast!


Full details at the website:




Hope to see you all there for our 2011 event!

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Quick update since we are only a month out from the show!


First and foremost is that members from TheOneUps will be back to play live and have their new album Intergalactic Redux on sale along with their other great CDs, t-shirts, and other merchandise.


Also we will have a new arcade collector graciously allowing all of us to borrow and play on his wonderful full upright cabs.


Again, check the website for the latest info and we will see you all there in one month!

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Sorry...another quick update. The list of arcade cabs and possibly some pins scheduled to be setup for this year has been posted to the Details page of the website.


In addition Rob "Flack" O'Hara will be teaming up with Robb Sherwin to exhibit GET TEXT, an interactive display of text adventure games on a variety of vintage and modern computer platforms. Copies of Get Lamp, Necrotic Drift, Commodork and Invading Spaces will be available at the table.


Hope to see most everyone there!

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I'm going to have a table this year, too. I'll be hosting the Bad Game Beatdown tournament! It'll be a surprise as to what will actually be played, but trust me, it'll be BAD!


REALLY looking forward to the Get Text display, too. Nice to see good ol' Rob back in action!


And oh man, is the arcade going to ROCK this year! Dibs on games of SSF2 Turbo!

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Well, another OVGE in the can, and as always, it was the best show yet! I want to personally thank Jesse for putting on this incredible show year after year (now the longest running classic game show of it's kind, 8 years! CGE and the Philly Classic only happen sporadically anymore).


I hosted the Bad Game Beatdown. In addition to showing off the worst games in my collection, I hosted a tournament with a secret game being played. That game was...SHAQ-FU! Yes, I ran a freakin' Shaq-Fu tournament, probably the only one ever held anywhere! It was SO much fun, and everybody had a truly great time playing this turd. I had a massive turnout, too! I made the player do Rock/Paper/Scissors each round, and the loser had to play his round on the Turbo Touch 360 controller, which I admit was cruel, but even as bad as that controller is, it seemed to work just fine for the game, which is kind of ironic. Timothy Olanth won the tourney, but it was a close game every round during the whole thing. The prizes were equally as bad as the games. A VHS copy of Super Mario Bros., a VHS copy of Double Dragon, and an Atari cartridge...with NO LABEL! Oh, and some gift certificates to GXC. I gotta say, my table was a huge hit, and everybody enjoyed reliving their memories of the garbage they had played through the years.


The One-Ups once again blew us away. Was particularly fond of the Toejam and Earl theme they played. So funky! The arcade was equally awesome this year, even if the pinball games started dying off one by one. Rob and Robb's Get Text display was incredible as well, and their computers were busy all day long, which shows that the good ol' text adventure still can draw a crowd.


It was a great show, and I seriously look forward to next year! Maybe I'll do a sequel to the Bad Game Beatdown. How about...Shaq's Revenge?

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OVGE 2K11 is over and what a show it was! We had excellent attendance with more people this year than last! The OneUps played 2 sets of their excellent retro game tunes, we had the largest arcade setup we've ever had, and the overall energy and vibe during the event this year was simply beyond measure! Here are links to Friday night setup and OVGE event pictures. Enjoy!


OVGE 2K11 Event Pics


Friday Night Setup

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