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TI Speak'n'Spell uses CARTS


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I was going through stuff and noticed this TI speak n spell has a cart in the battery compartment. It was easy to take out, and easy to crack open as it snaps together. Has anyone ever made a cart for a TI SnS as in homebrew? I can see quite a few things done on it.


Reminds me of the old choose your own adventure books, you choose a path and it takes you gods know where. Kind of if-then-else on paper. I can definitely see this being homenrewed on, and it makes me want to get another one to hack up.


A few things that come to mind is a qwerty keyboard (might be very easy) and an LCD (might be pretty hard), also some kind of comms like a serial port. Ascii art maker, something.


Not sure if anyone has ever thought of this before, but it seems like a neat idea. The chip it has (I forgot to get the info from it) was oddly soldered only on one side, the rest of the pins (legs) were just there against the board, not connected to anything.


Had to ask, I see what things CAN do instead of what they were intended to do.

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