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Ebay to start charging fees on shipping.


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Best. Update. Ever. This should pretty much eliminate the remaining douchebags left who overcharge on shipping. Those who don't like the change can thank those who have been fleecing their customers and ebay for years with hidden bullshit "handling" fees.

:thumbsup: Ebay.


This. All the sellers complaining only have other sellers to blame, not eBay. If so many sellers hadn't insisted on outrageous shipping charges (seriously, people know what Priority Mail costs for a small parcel, and it's not 20 dollars), and/or fee avoidance via exorbitant shipping, this wouldn't have happened.


Same with the fiasco over the feedback change. Sellers holding feedback hostage resulted in sellers being unable to pass out negatives. At the end of the day, eBay is more concerned with buyers, as they're the ones who will end up with more loss if they get screwed. If a buyer screws a seller, you still have the item if they don't pay. If the seller screws the buyer, a lot worse can happen.

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I kinda shrugged when I read about this and looked into it. People will probably just higher handling costs like has already been said, but even if you didn't, in my case anyway the fees will be nearly the same....


Just add on 10% (at least) to the shipping/handling charges if eBay want 9%... Expenses for sellers (producers, retailers) are always passed on to consumers/buyers. I'm sure there will be a seller or two that will take the cut into their profit margins as a result of these fees, but any serious seller will just pass them along. I wonder how much friction will be caused between buyers and sellers once uninformed sellers start requesting an additional payment from buyers to cover shipping/fees (see the other recent topic on a seller refusing to pay the PayPal fees).

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I'd honestly never heard of Gamegavel before I dropped in to read this post. I'm a casual player and not as active as you all here and in the gaming community. I'm all for alternatives to ebay and have added gamegavel to my favorites to keep checking back now. It does look good that a google search for "video game auctions" bring it up in the top 2. Other non-gaming things I'll still use ebay, but I always look for alternatives. Ebay has gotten to be too big for it's britches and do seem to squeeze the little guys tighter every year. Good post man. Glad I found gamegavel from sifting through the forums here..

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