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TI-99 4 ART


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Hi !

I Guess about a "TI99 for Art" topic so i initialized this...


the first "arts" i put on this topic is the covers of a ti99 italian magazine (TI-99 Newsoft n.7 and n.11)... i cleaned form all the write with photoshop and so ulploaded here ;)


hoping you like these funny arts.


If you have some ti99's art too, upload here !! ;)



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I was thinking the first picture was telling us the console gets so hot over the power supply you could cook something on it.

TI wants to play Burgertime ? :)

:D :D :D :D :D :D Great OLD CS1 and Sometimes :D :D :D


maybe becouse in the TI99 magazine was a program similar to burgertime on cassette baned HotDog, but reading the magazine and becouse on the cassette there was 10 new programs it's explained how it's also "new food for our TI99" !!



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Ha! The machine the girl is using is a 4A but the on-screen stuff is a sinclair zx spectrum!


yes it's true, I wonder why they made ​​this choice ... at the starting of the video the first screen on the monitor is of the TI99, the others after not... bah....

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Hi !

what you think about these two prototype "Parsec" t-shirt ? :D








Pretty neat! I have a VERY SIMPLE design processing through TI legal right now. Been on their desk since I got back from Chicago. I spoke with the woman there who handles these types of customer interactions (cannot remember her official title,) and she assured me the design is being reviewed, just that legal is tied up with end-of-year and other projects.


I remarked that maybe it is a good thing the process is taking so long, as I am certain they would have jumped if they smelled infringement ;)

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Holy cow!!! I need BOTH those shirts! Any chance we'll be ordering any in the future? =)

This is a cool thread... just found it. =)


Thank you Owen !

i am happy you like them :)


i just founded in these days a company that should print them last two and the Parsec T-Shirt...

i am finishing the hiRes picture for printing the first prototype...


after i will post a preorder post ;)

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