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Pong Paddle - Help with the "Jigglies"


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Hey all, I just bought a "new" old Pong Console - Sears Telegames Super Pong IV 99789.


Anyway, some of the controllers have the dreaded "jigglies". What is the best solution to fixing them? I, assume, that I just keep moving them (upside down) to get the crud off the contacts. Of course, this what I remember from back in the day. It might not be the ideal solution.


But, thankfully, I have this great community! Hopefully someone here will have some better techinques.


Anyway, I would appreciate any and all feedback/help.

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I don't know exactly what sort of pots are in those, but it should be a similar process to cleaning up the Atari 2600 paddle controllers. Search around using the keywords "jitter" and "paddle" and you should find advice galore.


The controllers look like the are the predecessor to the 2600 versions. I found a rather nightmarish site on the Internet where the guy literally takes the controller completely apart. I dread the idea that is the only solution.


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It would be quite near taking it completely apart to do it the best way possible. I have had some luck with using a "tuner/control cleaner" product without disassembling the potentiometers, but it's probably not as good as tearing them down.


Looking at the picture, I can't really imagine it being a daunting task to take them apart. Though, if you're not experienced, I can see where taking the potentiometers apart might be a bit worrisome.

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THE ONLY way to repair a PADDLE IS to TAKE IT APART the Best way is what I did REPLACE THE 1MEG OHM POT any one or you who can solder can replace a POT..

I got super lucky and found a BARREL of paddles THEY WERE SUPER TIGHT AND GREAT but they were not the same shaft on the paddle !!! so like you said night maire anyway I just reused the wiper from the old paddles and used the bottom metal case and the new resistor from the new one cause the new metal bottom was all filled with new grease TUNER GREASE witch youre TV REPAIR SHOP SHOULD Be able to easily repair a paddle by just cleaning the resistor and the wiper and adding new grease TUNER GREASE would be ideal cause its made for tuners EXEPT DO NOT USE THE RED stuff as it dries up the coleco ones I found ..


anyway its not hard to repair a paddle the hardest thing is unsoldering it to remove the pot and bending the case off the pot w out breaking it then just use paper towel and very carefully clean the wiper then watch putting it back inside to see how it connects then gently bend it up a little then clean the reistor black ring w 3 connections on it w paper towel and some windex but be carefull ..

THE HARDEST PART OF PADDLE REPAIR IS CLEANING THE WIPER OF ALL THE CARBON FROM THE REISITOR W OUT BENDING IT.. but if you do this it will work better than new.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have repaired all my paddles and I can tell witch ones I did last cause I got lazy. and they are not as good as the 1st one I did..

there is no way to fix a gittering paddle w out whiping the wiper off cause it wont connect.. you can try pulling up whilst turning it and if it works better than you could see why cleaning and bending the wiper makes it work better..


AFTER ALL Its just a 1meg ohm pot thats all a paddle is it charges a capacitor then the game measures the voltage..

HAVE FUN.. now where is that paddle size jumper and (RED FORMAN WAS RIGHT THE FUTURE IS SOLDERING )

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