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Hey Guys!

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Hey Tempest, did you still have that Arcadia multicart? I'm itching to play some more games on that system, and those things are nigh-impossible to get nowadays. Perhaps we shall have to throw down on the console at the next meet.

Yep I still have it.


Oh sweet! I apparently have to try out Doraemon, according to Ward Shrake.

It's basically a hack of Route 16 with some minor differences and a new power up (it's a bit easier and you get the ability to to fly at certain times I believe). We can compare the two.




Honestly I haven't played that either. I have about 7 Arcadia/Leisurevision games and I've probably only played about 4 or 5 of them so far. Doesn't seem like a bad system so far; it's just a pain to get games for without resorting to the internet.

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I'm available most weekends on Saturday or Sunday these days. I may potentially be moving northward a couple hours but with the notice it doesn't seem like that would deter me greatly from being able to come back down here for a few days and to game.


Anyone interested in the 10th or 17th? I can't actually host anything myself, but even if it's just hanging out at Pete's or something that would be pretty nice.

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I believe I'm free both days, but hosting something at my place is probably out of the question since we're busy painting (it's a mess). Still, hanging out at Pete's wouldn't be bad or maybe going to someone else's place afterwards.



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Since I was without power for two days I took an extended trip downtown to Pete's yesterday.


They do have the new Tron pinball, but unfortunately it was broken.


They also have the new Rolling Stones machine. Unfortunately it was not broken. With so few pins being made these days its truly sad that one was wasted like this. I realize, and anyone who plays pinball realizes, that the subject matter of a pinball machine is not important. I loathe NASCAR, yet I love the NASCAR pinball machine. With the case of the Rolling Stones though...seriously, screw those guys. I'd rather play an Al Qaeda machine.


I played a lot of Ms Pac Man. I played some Donkey Kong with a greater emphasis on score, as opposed to survival, and basically died a lot.


As usual, Scud Race, Tron, Daytona 2.


Attack from Mars has a dead bumper in the upper right which not only lowers one's score but also leads to the ball getting stuck up there and the player risking a Tilt trying to dislodge it.


Medieval Madness has new flippers installed, which according to the note attached are "stronger than Sir Lancelot", so if you are a fan of that game be sure to give it a try.


Third Strike still has garbage controls. Anyone want to take up a collection for quality sticks for this game? I can play SFII with garbage controls, but SFIII just needs the best you can get.

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Hm, Tron Legacy was working fine when I was there a couple weeks ago, so it is probably a recent break, and most likely a very temporary one given that they just got the machine. I enjoy the Rolling Stones machine even though I don't really care about the band - it's easy enough for someone crappy like me to last a little while.


Also, given the fact that lizardlick sells american arcade parts for damn cheap any such collection would be paid for pretty fast. Also, did they fix the 2nd player start button for capcom vs snk 2? I noticed they fixed the machine last time I was there, but that button was broken instead.

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Also, given the fact that lizardlick sells american arcade parts for damn cheap...

Did anyone else read that as Lizard Dick?


So when are we doing this?




I'm going to support the 17th, primarily because I have a date tomorrow on the 10th. I do work til 5 on the 17th though, but I'm free after that.


I'm also trying to see if any classic gaming buddies of mine not on here are interested in joining for that day.

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