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Season 7 Round 2 - Solomon's Key


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Welcome to week 2 of the 7th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


Rounds will last two weeks this season, so the next round will begin on April 18, 2 weeks from today.


Twin Galaxies now requires people to create an account and log in if they wish to view high scores. I object to this, and as a result I will no longer be listing TG high scores with each round's game.


This week's game is going to be Solomon's Key


Title: Solomon's Key

Developer: Tecmo

Publisher: Nintendo

Released: July, 1987 (US)




Current Standings:


Austin                            77,800         +9     9
SoulBlazer                     55,000         +6     6
Jibbajaba                       43,700         +3     3
HatefulGravey               33,000          +1     1
asponge                        32,200          +1     1
classicgamer_27330     25,500          +1     1
dustfilledhobo                24,100          +1     1

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ACK! You went from one hard as nails game to a even WORSE game! :P


I don't even like this one that much.....


Oh well, time to fire up the emulator and see what I can do. ;)


I do have the manual for this game -- I'll attach it to this post for everyone when I get home.

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I've never played this game before, but I like it. This is my best so far after about 9 attempts. Things got a bit easier once I figured out how to change the direction of the fireballs. I should probably watch the video before I try again.




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I had a little time to try again this afternoon.





By the way, classicgamer, I just noticed the link in your signature, and I had to laugh. When I was a kid my best friend's older brother used to call us Nintendo nerds because we were playing all the time. I don't remember if that name was common back then, but it brought back some memories.

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I have to admit, this game is growing on me. It's still not a fav of mine, but it's fun and does have it's charm. And I fully understand one of the purposes of this is to be exposed to games you might not be otherwise.


But man, I can not see ANYONE beating this back in the day! No save states, no password, no battery -- and 50 ROOMS to get to the end of the game! Not even a hidden stage select to let you skip past finished rooms! Or a continue function! :roll:


Anyway, been hacking away at it for about a hour each day. Lot of trial and error in the two bonus rooms I've gotten to so far, trying to learn where everything is so I can go straight for that.


Tonight I finally figured out how to get past Room 10 -- only to promptly bang my head aganist the wall in Room 11! Not sure how to finish that one yet....it defentily looks like a toughie.


Here's my (current) high score, though: 312,980


BTW, I'll give a tip to people who have not figured this out yet --


When you have a Gem, don't take it! Strike it with your wand, and it will change into a item. Each time you strike it it will change again. Take the item that is most helpfull to you. The order goes Gem-Fireball-Coins-Crystal-Gem.


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Finally got my NES hooked up so I can play without having to emulate this one. I play better with the real stuff I swear.


New score is 185,050.


Level 7 is my bane. I can clear it, but its never easy for me. Level 8 I have only seen a few times now, and level 9 was a freaking trip that I've seen but once. More playing over the weekend is the only solution to this problem.

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But man, I can not see ANYONE beating this back in the day! No save states, no password, no battery -- and 50 ROOMS to get to the end of the game! Not even a hidden stage select to let you skip past finished rooms! Or a continue function! :roll:


According to The Game Counsellor's Answer Book for Nintendo Game Players, which is a super cool book I got from a friend as a child, there is a continue code and a level warp actually. There are more then few things the book mentions about this game that I had no idea about. We still have some time to play this one, so I'll share them now. Continues are of coarse a no-no in the HSC. Here is what I learned from reading this book.


  2. To continue the game press up, A and B on the player one controller.
  3. There are extra men in rooms 3,14,19,27,30,35,40, and 47. I haven't been to level 14 yet, but I haven't found an extra man in level 3 either.
  4. There are 12 hidden rooms in the games, the first on level 4 and then one every 4 levels.
  5. There are gold wings in the game that will warp you ahead 6 rooms, they are in rooms 7,15,23,31 and 39.
  6. I can some a lot of the tips in the book up by saying there are a bunch of items past level 19 that are worth up to 1,000,000 points each.


There is more info in the book but it doesn't seem to really give much away. It does make you want to play the game more and more to find out just what these "tips" really mean though, and I guess that is what the book was really all about ;) .


If people are interested I guess I can upload a good high quality picture of these pages in the book so you can read everything as it is in the book.

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Thanks a lot for posting that. Many copies of that book are available on Amazon for less than $1 before shipping, so I grabbed one. Looks cool!




Sweet, I never thought to look for it on Amazon and I have friends that want a copy as well. I'll have to order a copy or two for gifts. It really is a pretty neat book and has a pile of stuff in there that I never knew. I enjoy looking things up in these books over the internet for the most part, makes it feel more like it was when I was a child.

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