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TurboForth Carts


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Lovely cart boards ready to go into their cases... :)



Let's get it on... :thumbsup:



Nice! They look a bit bare like that though... :|



We need some nice labels...! ;)



These are your proper sticky label beaties... Oh yeah! :cool:



Oh yeah, now we're really cookin' :lust:



Book's lookin' good :thumbsup:



And finally, a quick test drive... :lol:


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We're on the way. I'm hoping that Monday will be a big day. I have to do some "work for pay" but should be ready for TurboForth by mid-afternoon.


My Eprom came in the mail today and I am now the proud owner of a Turbo Forth cart! Now if I can get my hands on that mystical TF book. Hmmm....

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I'm thrilled that there are 500+ cartridge boards out there now and they are being used for stuff like this.... shows you that our community is far from being dead!!!


500+ TI cartridge boards? I'd say that's way, way, way, way low. Unless thousands of people have filled up thousands of trash cans

with them. Remember, there were an estimated 2 million consoles built. A conservative estimate would be 5 cartridges produced for every console. Do the math on that, but the question is "How many are left?"


I'm talking about the Guidry cartridge boards here :)

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