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TurboForth Announcement


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The Beast is loose! Through the efforts of Mark Wills, a new programming language has arrived. TurboForth is faster than any of the previous Forth dialects in all of the benchmarks we have tested and is much simpler to use than anything previously introduced. Better yet, it runs out of a cartridge leaving all of low memory and almost all of high memory available for programming.


Beginning Monday April 18th, I will begin accepting US and Canadian orders for TurboForth Vn 1.0. For those of you who already have one of the Jon Guidry cartridges, the EPROMs are $7 each which also includes shipping. If you need a board and cartridge shell, we can supply a limited number of them on a “first-come first-served” basis. The Cartridge Board and Cartridge Shells are an additional $20 for both. Neither Mark Wills nor I are in this venture for profit and these prices reflect our actual costs. However, we don’t want to lose money either! The total for a completed cartridge is $27. You may also buy Cartridge Boards and/or Cartridge Shells from Matthew Haggerty at:

http://codehackcreate.com/ if you wish.


All orders must be pre-paid either by Money Order or PayPal (preferred).


Orders will be handled in the following manner:


1) EPROM-only orders will be processed and shipped immediately upon receipt of payment.


2) Orders requiring a Cartridge Board and/or Cartridge Shell will be placed on a list and processed as I receive the Boards and Shells (they are in transit). No immediate payment is required. Remember, though, when I run out, they are gone. If someone wants to make another run of Cartridge Boards or a run of Cartridge Shells feel free to do so! You will be notified by email when your cartridge has been completed. At that time, payment should be made and your completed cartridge will be shipped upon receipt of payment.


3) Purchasers will receive two emails – one confirming your order to make sure of exactly what you want and a second one with payment instructions.


4) While Mark and I are producing TurboForth Vn 1.0, I will also provide any updates as they occur. The programming service is free. All that I ask is that you either return the original EPROM or provide a programmable 27128 EPROM for me to use. Updates will be provided for postage costs only.

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Currently you can still get multi-cart boards from me, cart shells, and EPROM's too. I'm getting geared up to produce the TF cart, but I'm awaiting labels. As soon as I have everything I need, the TF cart will be available, assembled and tested, on the CHC store.


In the mean time, you can buy all the parts from the CHC store if you want to put the cart together yourself and make your own label.



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