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Section 8 Prejudice


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The first game wasn't "gawd awful - terrible" and I had some fun with it for a low price on the PS3. Is this new release really bad??




Nah, I don't think the reviews I've seen have been "gawd awful - terrible". To be honest the one I was thinking of was IGN who gave it a mundane 6 (Which is OK)

Maybe the DLC pushes it over the edge. If IGN had spent the extra jack and got the goods it might have been a 9!!!

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Sorry Moycon... didn't mean to imply that you thought it was "gawd awful". I just seem to recall that the first game wasn't all that well received by many sites. And to be honest, if it hadn't been priced at $8 or $10 on PSN I probably never would have tried it.


The game reminded me somewhat of a Halo knock-off. While the campaign was pretty brief and didn't seem to amount to much more than a tutorial, the developers seemed to focus their attention on multiplayer, which was quite active on PSN at the time of my purchase. Like I said, the game wasn't gawd awful and I had some fun with it.


I guess I will have to look and see what this new Prejudice is; not sure if there is a demo on either XBL or PSN.





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