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CCAG Fairview Park, OH. June 18, 2011 12-8PM


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Hello Everyone, just a few show notes. Please read : )



Show starts at Noon. Only Vendors will be allowed in before that time.


Wristbands will be given at the door and must remain on during the show. Keep your wristband on to be readmitted throughout the day. Hang on to your wristband ( you don't need to leave it on your wrist ) to Receive 10% off and Tax Free at Video Game Connection for the entire week after the show.


CCAG Shirts available on Stage for $16-$20 sizes Small to 3X


Chinese Auction Tickets are available for just 1.00 each or 7 for 5.00 at the entrance all day long. Keep the half that says Keep This Coupon. Place the other half of the ticket in a bag that will be pulled at a time you will be there ( bags will be marked ), otherwise we will call another ticket number.


The Parking lot may get overfilled at times. Feel free to park at the neighboring lots to the left and right of the Hall temporarily.


This is Cleveland and it may Rain so be prepared.


The American Legion # 421 Now has Wi-Fi should you need to use it. Food & Drink will be available in the connected Tavern. They do have an ATM in the Tavern however it doesn't always seem to work. Bring plenty of cash otherwise there are Bank Machines on Lorain Ave. just up 220th. Hall is at 220th and Brookpark Rd.


Bring your 3DS and leave your streetpass on to collect other Mii Characters. I will have mine : )


Feel free to use the CCAG Facebook page to post pics or comments:



You can see the Cool Console Tournament Trophies at the above link : )


Unlock 3 or more MK achievements to receive a FREE Beer or POP! Must be logged into the VGC Profile to count. Should be pretty easy as I only have 2 of the 50 so far : ) Alert Ryan - The Tournament Referee to keep track, and please take turns to allow others to Practice for the MK tournament at 6PM.


Tournaments: NES Ninja gaiden 2PM, SNES Campus Challenge 4PM & 360 Mortal Kombat at 6PM. 2 Official MK Kontrollers and 2 Standard controllers will be available to use. Feel free to bring your own to use providing it is not modded or have any turbo buttons on it. Controllers will be checked before use.


Arcade Games providing the all fire up the day of the show: TRON, Tempest, Stunt Cycle, Journey, Mr. Do!, Namco 25th featuring Ms. Pac-Man/Pac-Man/Galaga, Outrun & Pinbot Pinball ( the last 2 being up for sale )


Any questions feel free to e-mail me back and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I will be busy much of Friday setting up.


Thanks, Mike : )


CCAGShow 2011 is Saturday June 18, 2011

at the American Legion Hall--Clifton Post

22001 Brookpark Rd. Fairview Park, OH

Noon - 8:00 PM


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We had a great time and look forward to coming back next year!


A pretty impressive showing for the VCS this year with lots of Supercharger games boxed. Some Mystique games, two Q*bert's Qubes, a Waterworld, a Springer, and a few other harder to find games up for grabs.


Nice to see the VCS getting some show.

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