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Easy Software Versioning

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If you're never exactly sure how many numbers and periods to use with the software versioning that most programmers seem to be devoted to, this tip might save you some time and energy.

Every time I make a significant change to a program I'm working on, I use Save As to save it as a new file so I can go back to a previous working version if I mess something up. I don't have time to figure out what version number it should be ( Huh?), so I simply put the year, month, day, and military time. Here's an example:


I changed the system clock on my computer to military time, so all I have to do is look down in the corner. No more complicated version numbers, just the fast and easy date and time.

To be clear, I have the program name, 4 digits + y for the year, 2 digits + m for the month, 2 digits + d for the day, 4 digits + t for the time, and use underscores to separate each part. Doing it this way also makes all of the files line up in the proper order in my folders.


Remember, if you use Save As before making any major changes, then something stops working correctly, you can use a program like WinMerge to compare the latest two versions of your program and the differences will be highlighted.

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