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Odyssey 300 schematics


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Hello everyone. I recently got an Odyssey 300 from a friend that had it working. Unfortunately it doens't work anymore. I was able to narrow the malfunction on one of its transistors. I suppose it's the one that feeds power to the machine.

As you see in the picture, i have removed it because it was broken. He probably used wrong voltage. The transistor reads 224-1 701 EBC.

I went to an electronics store but the couldnt find a replacement as they said that the code is from the manufacturer. I suppose you have more knowledge on the subject.

Thank you for any tip.


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I know people with the schematics for 100, 200 and 4000 but noone with a 300 and its alot different than the others. The Wonderwizard has the same board if you could find out anything about that


Oh and for reference Odyssey is amazing. the dedicated pongs are okay but not the same ;)

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Show me a picture of the part. From the font used to print the number I can tell you the mfg. and then cross-reference it to a replacement.

I don't think I have the part anymore but thanks anyway :)


I just purchase a book with schematics for this system the other day, with the expectation of helping you out. Ill try to scan it for you when i get it

I'm looking forward to it! Thanks :D

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