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Just wanted to recommend these to anyone who likes playing arcade games like MK (Fighting games)Pac-Man and Frogger on the Xbox 360. Especially if you can't afford an arcade stick and need more comfortable controls.






I found them to be really nice and comfortable and they make playing classic arcade games a lot more fun.


They snap on and easily give you the height you need to hold them with thumb and index finger like an old arcade game. I played Championship Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Frogger and it was a lot more comfortable to play. That awful concave lip on the analog stick hurts my thumb after a while so this was perfect. For me it also replaces the D-Pad with some games. I cant stand the D-Pad on the 360 controller and this really helps save my thumb from wear and tear.


I have not tried Game Room yet but I'm sure it will be fun to play some of the classic games there with this and a lot more comfortable.


For 10 bucks I recommend these.

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