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List of Dedicated Consoles?


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I found a list a while ago, of many of the original dedicated consoles (1st gen). For the life of me, I can't find it now. I thought it was on Wikipedia. Can someone point me to a list? Any good list?


Edit: Found my list ...



Also, what is the proper definition of a dedicated console? My personal definition is any console that plays only one game (or very similar series of games), such as pong. I've seen here, and on some other sites, that some people define the Atari Flashback type consoles as dedicated, because you don't have to swap cartridges.

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To me, a dedicated console is one that has the games built in and isn't reprogammable with things like game cartridges, cd's, dvd's, etc.


Does a Flashback fall into that category for you?


I guess the problem I have with something like a Flashback is that it was spawned from a previously non-dedicated console. If I were to take a normal 2600, and glue a Harmony cart into the slot (making it nonremovable), does that make it a dedicated console? I wouldn't think so. And to me, that's basically what a Flashback is, only done by a big company.


I'm not picking on the Flashback consoles specifically. I'm just using it as an example of many new "dedicated" consoles that have come out in the last few years, as their predecessors were not dedicated.

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I would say that yes, a console like the Flashback is dedicated, because normal people can't change what's on it nor add new stuff. It was meant to just be used with the games it came with, and was sold as a stand alone unit.

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I would say the Flashback should still be regarded as anything. The option to mod it to accept actual cartridges is more like a bonus feature for people who are interested in such things. I doubt the majority of Flashback owners even realize the thing can be modded in that way.

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