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HSC8 Special Gaming Challenges

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Again apologies for the text format...


Challenge Game Rules Scoring Season Round Completed By

1 Bounty Bob Strikes Back "Completing Easy with warps

(only those you are informed about during play)

Set to 4 lives in the 'Game Adjustment' screen (option)" 3 8 2

2 Default Settings. Completing Easy without warps 5

3 Default Settings. Completing Hard without warps 7

4 Default Settings. Completing C'mon without warps 12

5 Dreadnaught Factor II Completing Level 6 3 8 8

6 Completing Level 7 10

7 Gwobby Strikes Back! Reaching Level 10 3 8 8

8 Each level reached after 10 +1pt

9 CTetris4g Scoring 10,000+ 1 8 8 McKong, Scalak

10 Scoring 15,000+ 3 Scalak

11 Scoring 20,000+ 5 Scalak

12 Drol Completing Level 9 10 6 8

13 Electrician Completing the game 10 8 12

14 Lode Runner Broderbund version - Completing the game 150 levels. Can do in multiple sessions, take screenshot with 5+ lives remaining and use Ctrl-U to up level to where you got to the next time you play. 7 8 16

15 River Raid Bridges 1-101 (beating bridge 100) 10 8 16

16 River Raid (Game 7) Bridges 50-101 (beating bridge 100) 7 8 16

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Oooo.... I finished level 6 on DFII (if I recall correctly)

You'll be sure to score some extra points then ;)


Crap, i suck at most of these games. :(

I didn't play CTetris the first time we played it.

DF 2 level 6....hmmm, that might be the only challenge i can do. :ponder:

these are tough challenges for sure, this isn't a bonus round but a chance for hardened gamers to clock up some extra points when the regular HSC game may not take much playing or there is more to play in a game than the 2 week period...


The points awarded reflect the difficulty - BBSB is completable with the warps and 5 men without having to complete too many screens, GSB level 10 is makeable (plenty of extra lives awarded if you get the orb every time) and CTetris 10k is probably the easierst point to bag. I didn't want this to be loads of easy points for some of us greedy HSCers to snatch! Most challenges e.g. Drol are extremely difficult :-o


How about some bonus points for beating a score on the All time table? ;)

That'll probably be a candidate for bonus round later in the season ;)

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Can we extend this till the end of the year?


Btw beating Electrician is worth more than 5 points. That last house is very difficult. I got to the stage where I could get to that last house with 10+ lives and on a number of occassions I lost most of my lives on the last couple of levels in that house

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I'll extend this until the 7th of December - I've seen Electrician beaten on a video ;-)


Me too but even with the advantage of watching the vid I couldn't beat it! The behaviour of the spiders in the last house in the version we played and the one in the vid did appear different

are they always the same? perhaps post this on the main forum ?!

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