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Gimme! (WIP)


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Here's something I made for the TI-84+, now on bB. It's called "Gimme!" and it involves square domination. Every square you dominate gets you two points, but it's not that easy because I've put in not one, but two enemies that can take away your squares and subtract two points from you. The object here is to dominate as much as the board as you can and not getting touched by the enemies. I've made it so the highest score the program can spit out is 700, but that can't be possible (without modifying the binary to make the enemies inactive) because two seperate squares are dominating the board simultaneously. I was just wondering if I should develop this further.


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A few more changes:

+ Demo mode before you start the game or get a game over

+ Began using "const pfres=10"


I don't know if I'll do any more with this since there's a game in the homebrew forum that's kind of similar (and better) than this one. Just for the record, I have 49 bytes left.



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