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Boulderdash not working on harmony cart?


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So where to get this game.. It's so hard to understand.. Atari 2600 is from late 70's and Boulder Dash from

80's. And still can't play this game even retro brotherhood is so small. Classics like this should be possible play for everyone.


It was on just about every freakin' computer you could think of in the 1980s. If you have a Commodore 64 or one of the Atari computers, you can probably find it, or if you are into emulation, you could play it that way using your favorite emulator that plays Commodore 64 or Atari computer games. I played it on my Commodore 64 so much in the 1980s that I kind of got sick of the game.

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Yeah. Just hope to find a copy I remember when this was sale. There was choose many different color of game boxes.. I thought there was plenty of this game and no hurry.. And suddenly it was sold out.


It's not about that can play this with C64 and there is also Intellivision version coming.. It's about that Atari 2600 we used to rent home at 80's can do this.. It's simply amazing.. Just wanted to try this game with 2600.

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Is there Harmony v2.0 coming later that would support large ROM like Boulder Dash? Never say never.. ROMS like this should be free so everyone can enjoy. There isn't so many who play Atari 2600 anyway.

Yes. There's Harmony 2 for the Atari 7800 which is still in development. Then there's Harmony Gold which is for the 2600, which is nearly done. It supports games up to 512k (including the Boulderdash demo.) Harmony 2 should be done sometime this year (I'm targeting CGE, if there is one, or PRGE for release), but a preproduction Harmony Gold will be available exclusively at the NWCGE swap meet on January 18 (production versions will be available online in a couple of months.)


For more info:


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7 hours ago, adamchevy said:

Cmon your telling me nobody tried to dump this for their own personal use so they didn’t have to use their extra expensive cart.


I am aware of only one person ever dumping this successfully. He was honourable, and asked Thomas and I to confirm the dump was valid, which we did. We asked him to keep the ROM for his own use only, and he has done that.  So, I guess it's not simple to dump.

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