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Helping to Test 320 Mode on Ms. Pacman

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When i looked at the thread "Testing 320 Mode with Pacman" i looked at the details and it made me think that i want to test 320 mode with Ms. Pacman


Help me test 320 mode with Ms Pacman by giving tips how could i


-turn 160db color to 320db color


-add scrolling to fit original height of maze from arcade


-get pokey sound from Pacman Collection


-Turn on kangaroo mode (is that correct?)


-Share colors in 320 mode



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It can't be easily modified that way. To do these things you'd have to know how to program the 7800. That's a big subject. The "7800 Programming Guide" is the starting point. Ultimately it would be easier to rewrite the game from scratch, as I think PacManPlus did on his version.

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I thought of doing this (it is the 30 year anniversary of Ms. Pac-Man - but nobody seems to think anything of it) ;)


The only problem is the colors. In 320 Mode, there are only 6, and they are *heavily* shared (i.e. in Pac-Man 320, the color 'Blue' is used for Inky, the maze, blue monsters, and some parts of the fruit. The other colors are shared the same way). Also, you only have two palettes of colors to choose from. My palette 0 is Red, White, and Pink, and my Palette 4 (only the high bit is used) is Blue, White, and Yellow. In Ms. Pac-Man, we need Yellow and Pink for Ms. Pac-Man alone, and you cannot mix palettes. Then you have the mazes which change color as well. *Plus* you need all of the extra graphics (it's packed right now as it is) Stork, Pac and Ms. graphics, Clap Board, etc. I *could* make it a 48K game, but with the color issue (and of course the overlapping) it's not worth it. :(




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