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Is this possible? Paddles port 1 and Stick in port 2 same time?


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I've been pondering a game based on Speed Racer using the paddles/racing to steer and the jump jacks with player 2 joystick controlling the other steering wheel weapons like the buzzsaws and the treads. Press up for buzzsaw; down for grip tires, etc. I imagine it could look like an updated Night Driver perspective to make the buzzsaw effect pop. Scoring would be similar to Pole Position with bonuses for taking out enemy cars like Slick Oiler tallied at the end and passing Racer X bonus if you don't die before he appears similar to losing a points opportunity in Pac Man if you die before eating the cherry.

Before I get too in love with the idea I just wanted to see if the different controllers could co exist in a control scheme before I get my heart set on this idea. I may have to program a pong clone or just get a ball to bounce first but I like to know what I'm working toward is possible first.. if not then I'll put my head into either a Wild Gunman clone or Arm Wrestling. Can't believe Nintendo never ported that one.

Thanks in advance guys!

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Thanks.. I feel bad.. I always find out things like this five seconds after I ask. I saw some code where the ports were set to different modes. What is the mode set for the light gun? Lol. I can't believe no one has tried to make a driving/light gun game where you can shoot the other cars like a Chase HQ or Grand Theft Night Driver! Ok that sound fun... Player 1 drives and 2 shoots traffic..

Road Rage Atari?

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What is the mode set for the light gun? Lol.


There isn't a mode for it. If you want to check out how to handle a light gun then download the Crossbow source code from here :-




Then have a look in :-




Its quite an interesting routine.


You might experience some problems trying to do paddles and sticks at the same time. It all depends on the complexity of your display lists (which unfortunately makes it game dependent).

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