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Where is TF?


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Sorry guys... I've been out of the loop and I'll only have Internet access for a couple more hours... Wondering where I can DL TurboForth to play with on my laptop... Is Classic99 equipped with it in default now?


Again sorry for being absent guys... 75,000 posts since I've last logged on and no real time to go through them all... So glad to be posting again!!!!!

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I'm visiting my folks right now here in KY. I'm glad to be here as well. I posted a new Beryl Reichardt update and said "That's all I have time for" and signed off... But a laptop and internet access has a mighty strong call. I just had to get on here and read as much as I could. Thanks to Adam and Marc and many more of you who contacted me privately... I didn't even get most of the messages until I signed on yesterday.


I'm excited about TurboForth.


I'm excited about the TI.


I'm sad I have to leave internet access in an hour or so.

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