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Nyantari 2600


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I've poked a little at an NTSC version, but there's something the causes the line count to fluctuate. This results in a slightly unstable picture in Stella.

I'll see if I can get it sorted out. If not, I'll just post the source and let someone else do it. In fact, I'll probably post it anyway - I just want to take a stab at it myself first in order to learn :)

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Here's an updated release, including an NTSC version and source code. Enjoy :)



I'd like to update my initial post with the above link, but I can't figure out how to edit it.

Do these forums not allow editing, or am I missing something?


Thanks for making a NTSC version! Most of the time us NTSC owners get left out in the cold when it comes to demos. GREAT JOB!!!




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Wikipedia needs to be updated to say it has been ported to Atari 2600 too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyan_Cat


Who knows how to get it updated?


I added an entry to the talk page and gave links to the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, and Commodore 116/16/plus4 ports for this. Hopefully that will get the ball rolling to getting the info added to the page.

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Nyan cat needs to eat all kinds of meat!.... Nyan shoud be a Jaguar or Lynx!... Nyan needs pop tarts and kitty treats and fish, and birdies and mice and.... yum yum yum


I considered for a few seconds making a NyanBubsy but... nah... :D

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