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7800 HSC Season 4 - Game 8 *Tower Toppler*


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Important Note: Competition is over for this week


Tower Toppler


Game Information


Game Name: Tower Toppler

Released By: Atari, 1988

Game Mode: DEFAULT

Settings: Start at tower One. (Default) Remember that both selector switches on your 7800 console need to be in the right-handed position in order to proceed correctly.


Use your 7800 CONSOLE or EMULATOR to play.

Post your scores in this thread, they will be added to the Atari 7800 HSC

scoreboard. Remember to play each game with the recommended game mode or difficulty setting

as shown above. The deadline for posting scores is Wednesday August 24th at 1:00 AM

(Central Time, UTC-6)


7800 HSC scoring system

(Does not apply in a Variety pack)


1st place GOLD [10]+ 3 bonus points

2nd place SILVER [9]+ 2 bonus points

3rd place BRONZE [8]+ 1 bonus point


4 [7]

5 [6]

6 [5]

7 [4]

8 [3]

9 [2]

10th and lower is 1 point.


Challenges / Bonus

Be a Tower Toppler...

Complete 4 towers out of 8 and receive +4 bonus points.

Complete all 8 towers and max out +8 bonus points!


+4 atomickneedrop


High Scores

*1. 33,530 atomickneedrop

*2. 18,800 Jifremok

*3. 17,260 JacobZu7zu7

4. 7,910 SpiceWare

5. 6,500 LarcenTyler


Best Tips [1+]

JacobZu7zu7 (Map post/Level tips)





1. Jifremok-99 [3 gold / 2 silver / 1 bronze]

2. atomickneedrop-75 [2 gold / sports pack]

3. bigbee99-71 [1 gold / 1 silver / 2 bronze]

4. JacobZu7zu7-52 [1 silver]

5. Gorfy-40

6. roadrunner-37 [2 bronze]

7. SpiceWare-34

8. oyamafamily-29 [1 silver / 1 bronze]

9. mord-21 [1 silver]

10. classicgamer_27330-15

11. LarcenTyler-10

12. mingy jongo-7

13. thursday83-6

14. zylon-4

15. cparsley-3

DEADLINE is Wednesday August 24th at 1:00 AM (Central Time, UTC-6)


Sneak preview

Next week is, *Summer Games-Contest*



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made it near the end of castle 3...


Castle 3 tower of traps, there's a trick... right at the start, you go up the elevator you wait "half-on off" left corner, of the moving elevator...and then it drops down, then you drop too onto the floor you need to go up!



This game I have on C-64. Though it's always been tough! Takes a lot of memory and repeat plays.


My weekend score... 17,260 Lost on castle 4 before the 1st bonus :P



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Just like FailSafe, I happen to own this one for my Atari 7800, but I'm not in the mood for hooking it up right now. I must say that the single-button control scheme was most likely carried over from the home computer versions of the game. In Europe it was known as Nebulus, while we got it as Tower Toppler on the computers and Atari 7800... and as Castelian on the NES and Game Boy.

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