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Amended TEXAS JACKPOT - this one has correct graphics


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Really great ! i like so much you idea of famous TI symbols ( parsec, munchman etc..)


After saw the power of Display At ( http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/185827-stardust/ ), maybe could u make the symbols rolling ?


I can indeed. (given permitted time by wife)

The 3 symbols are actually all virtual reels, I actually did 2 different arrays for them, one for graphic and one for colour.

The symbols all roll in a particular order, and rest to a stop at a random point. (Rather than blatant random number picks)


So yeah, all it will take is time. Cracking idea btw ;)


Ah, and a slight trade-off may occur if they're to roll. That being the set of sprites in the Winline box will all be characters instead and be only one particular colour. (This is because I can get another 9 sprites free if I do that) That's not gonna be bad though 'cos when they reels are rolling, it'll look okay.

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