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Daredevil v3.


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Hey, hey. I took a stab at hacking the Dukes of Hazard verision 2. Made car a cycle.Made crash to look like you're being thrown off the cycle. I tried to take away the water, but when I did, It left a blank. No "canyon" yet. So, make believe you are at the big fountain in Las Vegas. The only downer, I can't get rid of the music when you land. If anyone can take away the music, be my guest. Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

Keep on Chooglin'!



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Hey, hey. I took a stab at hacking the Dukes of Hazard verision 2.


Hi .. You are having too much fun with these hacks! Keep on hacking!


BTW: Q: In the home dedicated version of Stunt Cycle, if you accelerate too fast you can flip over and skid on your head (counts as a crash). Evidently that does not happen in these 2600 versions. Did it happen in the arcade version?


Rob Mitchell, Atlanta, GA

(I crashed my bike after I set up a ramp in the backyard after a televised Evil jump.)

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