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Guardian Heroes coming to Xbla?

Hydro Thunder

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I own the game for Saturn, but would be likely to pick this one up if it really does come out. Sega has released video of it in high-def, and I'm chomping at the bit...


Anyone hear when it's now due? Last I'd seen was talk of it being out last Wednesday, didn't show up yet again today. Next up...Dragon Force and Panzer Saga, pretty pretty please!!!

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Got the demo, have only spent a little time with it but it is a very good translation. I believe they've changed the dialogue a bit, but maybe I'm just not remembering it correctly from back when (haven't cracked out my Saturn Guardian Heroes in some time). They've definitely improved the font, and the high def graphics are very nice indeed. I don't so far prefer the Xbox 360 controller for this game to the Saturn one; it was kind made for the Saturn pad. And though they've both got 8 buttons, the Saturn ones seems to make a bit more sense to me.

And that being said, I'll probably buy this version, since I really respect releasing it for 800 instead of 1200, as is the trend. And I would rather enjoy having the high def version on my biggest TV right off the Xbox 360 menu, very convenient.

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I bought GH as soon as I saw it was out. I never played the Saturn version, and probably never will due to the price. Like Sofa, I appreciated the 800-point price and the gameplay is butter-smooth. Things get a little hectic at times and I lose track of my character, but not enough to get frustrated. Great game!

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