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Program to Hack Atari game code WANTED


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I know its hard and thats why i want to do it!

With a thread title like "Program to Hack Atari game code WANTED" you

just seem to come off as a script kiddie. like you want a program to do

all the work for you.


But if youre serious thats great, Go read the Programers forum it's a lot

of help. ;)

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Before you can hack 2600 code you will need to understand it quite a bit. The Distella dissasembler works great in all OSes even XP but only works on 2k/4k games. It can be used on larger games but it is very difficult.


For my "Cheaters Annonymous" hacks that I make for the hell of it, I actually load the ROM into a hex editor, and look for specific opcodes and just feel my way around the game code in hex form.


I recommend you join the stella list, and work on your own homebrew project... ask questions when you have them... and then work on hacking the code.

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I right clicked, went to propertiesm, then compatibility, then checked the box thingie, then tried 98 and 95.


It starts then it exits quickly.


Ha ha! Sorry :-)


You have to run it from the command line, it's not a windows program.


C:>distella -pafs pacman.bin > pacman.s


Try that :-) Put correct directory in for C:

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Sounds stupids but did you try running it from a disk. You stated that it opened fast and exited. I had the same problem with the hack-o-matic. I saved my to a 3 &1/2 and it runs fine. sometimes with XP or any other new OS you have to find ways to slow the older programs down with barrier. Its worked on more than once for me. let me know if it works. Its a mere theory.



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