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Big 'E' has Old School Video Games for Sale

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I just went to the Big 'E' today, and to my surprise, there was a tent selling old school video games, consoles, and accessories.

(The Big 'E' is the Eastern States Expostion, from now until 10/2/2011 in Springfield, MA)


The guy selling the stuff was kind of a dink, but......his inventory was great! Boxed consoles, from the Odyssey to present day. Boxed games from Atari to today. Loose games from Odyssey to today. NES clones. that I had never seen, or heard of before. Joysticks, pads and accessories also.


His pricing was so-so. He had a box of Colecovison commons, and they were all $7.50 a piece. So, DK was $7.50 but Turbo was also $7.50.


Other items had no prices, and when I asked how much, he would rattle off a price from his head.


He said he was a seller from the Poconos. His tent is located across from the small ferris wheel.

So, if you are going to the Big 'E', bring some extra cash. You may find some things you need for your collection.

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Yeah, he was there last year too. Your right, he is kind of a "dink".

His prices seem kinda high. I almost bought Daytona for the DC.

Maybe i'll put that on my secret santa wish list"wink,wink".

Small booth but tons of games! Even a few coin-ops.

Thanks for the heads up.

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No. I was looking at all of the stuff, and wanted Colecovision items. I picked up a box of loose catridges, and was digging through them, and the guy said, "No need to dig through them, they are all $7.50 no matter which cartridge it is." Then, a parade was going by, and he asked me to leave the tent so he could watch the parade, and he didn't want anyone in the tent during the parade.


I finally just left. But he had a gerat selection of old school stuff. He also had a younger kid working with him, who was very helpful and polite.


The "dink" was telling me how he had warehouses full of items in Pennsylvania. He never said that he sold on-line or anything.

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