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Transforming D-pad


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I haven't really read any comments about the Transforming D-pad that is now available on MS controllers and was wondering what your thoughts were on it?


I'm in need of a new controller and was thinking of buying the Gears of War 3 model that has the new D-pad (and it looks GREAT). But its $20 more than a regular wireless controller and if the transforming D-pad isn't that good, I'll just save the $20.


Anyone like it... dislike it? Do XBLA games like Ms. Pac-man control better with this new D-pad?




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It sounded at the time from the impressions I saw that it wasn't worth upgrading to.


The only changes apparantly were with the design of d-pad where it meets your thumb. The surface can be transformed to change the shape to something more akin to Nintendo's classic d-pad design if you choose. None of the underlying problems that cause issues with it were apparantly modified.


You'd be best off getting one of those MadCatz digital controllers if you want a 360 controller with a decent d-pad.

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I have one but rarely use the Dpad for anything except for games where you use it like as a quick switch menu (Ex: weapons in Borderlands) which seems to work fine so I never really cared that it was terrible in the past. That said, here is an explanation of how it works and a couple people reviews from people who sounded like they did care...






sounds like they thought it was an improvement, but not perfect.

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I always just used Madcatz controllers. I like the more traditional Dpad they have. The space the transformer takes up kind of tells me that the new pads are still the ridiculously long stick things with probably a round inside bit, and that won't fix the problems with the controller (how imprecise it is at measuring some angles as you press them) I don't anticipate it working any better than the old pads, but it does look cool.

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i couldn't get over the depressing monochromatic look of the controller and the price just shocked me.


I'll stick to the regular controller for most games, my 8-button joystick for arcade games and fighters, and my other various peripherals for their niche products (kinect, guitar hero, dj hero, rock band, lips, karaoke revolution, etc.).


on a side rant, what is up with some arcade games not having d-pad movement controls? like Limbo should definitely work with a joystick (but it doesn't since movement is only with the analog stick).

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