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Im sure the cat is out of the bag by now about this title so i figured i'd create a thread about it here to inform anyone who has missed

out. Currently Storm Works Interactive is working on a simple title called Blackout!. This is a lights out clone with a few things thrown

in. While this is a simple game it will still be somewhat challenging to complete. The object of the game is to obviously turn off all of

the lights on the grid in the quickest time possible while toggling the lights the least amount of times as possible. Points are

determined based on how fast the level is finished as well as how many moves it took to finish. Below ive included two screenshots

of the game so far. The game is currently still in development as we are waiting on an alpine development setup to show up here. We

are accepting donations if you are wanting to support homebrew development. This money would go straight to covering the costs of

the hardware purchased to create this game and help fund a release as well as future developments. If you would like to donate at

all please just pm myself or Jag_Slave here on the forums. Big thanks to those who continue to support homebrew developers and

the jaguar.



And now time for the pics!



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I thought I recognized the stormworks name from somewhere, guess it seemed like a bit of a stretch that the original dev was still around after all this time so I didn't connect the dots right away!


Fantastic job though, love the style of the artwork & it looks very polished. Can't wait for a release :)

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