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Drawing an EARTH


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I snagged this piece of code from the XB game Devastator. On the cover of Compute!'s First Book

Of TI Games, the program is on page 186. Or page 197 of the .PDF version at http://pergrem.com/tibooks/


Is there a way to make this nice earth graphic in XB without using up 3 character sets?




460 CALL COLOR(2,6,1,3,6,1,4,3,6,5,15,2)

465 RESTORE 500

470 FOR I=6 TO 14 :: CALL COLOR(I,16,2) :: NEXT I

480 FOR I=0 TO 13 :: READ E$(I) :: CALL CHAR(40+I,E$(I)) :: NEXT I

490 FOR I=0 TO 7 :: READ E$(I) :: CALL CHAR(I+56,E$(I)) :: NEXT I

500 DATA 0000000000000F7F,000000000000F0FE,01030F1F3F7FFFFF


520 DATA 00808080C0C0C0C0,0303030301010100,C0C0C0C080808000

530 DATA FF7F3F3F1F0F0703,FFFEFCFCF8F0E0C0,7F0F000000000000

540 DATA FEF0000000000000,0800667C18666810

550 DATA E0F07F7F7FFFFFFF,0818F8F8F0F8F0F0,7F7F7F3D1C0E0201

560 DATA F0F0908800180000,03070F0F0F070703,F0FFFFFEFCFCF8F0

570 DATA 0303010101010101,E0C0C0C080808000

580 DISPLAY AT(2,24):CHR$(40)&CHR$(41) :: DISPLAY AT(3,23):CHR$(42)&CHR$(56)&CHR$(57)&CHR$(43)

590 DISPLAY AT(4,22):CHR$(44)&CHR$(45)&CHR$(58)&CHR$(59)&CHR$(45)&CHR$(46)

600 DISPLAY AT(5,22):CHR$(47)&CHR$(45)&CHR$(60)&CHR$(61)&CHR$(45)&CHR$(48)

610 DISPLAY AT(6,23):CHR$(49)&CHR$(62)&CHR$(63)&CHR$(50)

620 DISPLAY AT(7,24):CHR$(51)&CHR$(52)


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Guess that the different charsets are used for getting multiple colors. Try using some overlapping sprites.

Thats the way I would do it in assembly language. Use charset for the blue part of the earth and then use perhaps 2 4x4 sprites for the continents.


I am no extended basic expert, I think the sprite pattern table is shared with the charset table. So there might be some constraints here you do not have in assembly language.

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Guys the Tigercub disks have multicolored Sprites and the subroutines on how to use them.


And using PEEK and LOAD from Tigercub the routines are using some Assembly but very little. Take a look it will answer your problem.


All the answers are on the CYC CD. Or if someone has them posted somewhere. Just look for the Tigercub Archive they are there.


It has hundreds of routines to use. Where I got a lot of ideas for RXB additions.

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